Monday, 8 October 2012

69 immigrants arrive in a patera in Motril.....

A patera with 69 passengers aboard has arrived in Motril.
Two of the passengers are under age and five of the 16 women are pregnant.
 It’s the largest number of occupants to arrive on the Granada cost this year.   

The Red Cross transferred the five pregnant immigrants to the Motril Hospital, and the rest did not need hospital treatment.

Meanwhile the Maritime Rescue as rescued a group of 22 immigrants who were drifting 42 miles SE of the Cabo de Gata on the coast of Almería.
The rescue services used a Helimer 211 helicopter, a Sirviola plane and the Salvamar Denébola boat after being advised of a patara by a passing merchant ship.
 The immigrants on board are reported to in apparent good health.