Friday, 9 November 2012

Gibraltar has accused a Spanish Navy ship of entering the water which surround the rock .......

Gibraltar has accused a Spanish Navy patrol of entering the waters which surround the rock.

 The Gibraltar Government released a very hard statement on Tuesday night, although nobody knows what exactly happened.

The statement said the actions of the Spanish boat were ‘a scandalous aggression’ which they considered to be illegal, reckless, unprofessional and irresponsible.

Gibraltar said what has happened is ‘totally against the principals of international courtesy’, and doesn’t meet ‘the obligations of the NATO allies or the European Union’.

London has asked that an appropriate answer for what it estimates to be an invasion of British waters.

Sources in the Gibraltar Government have told Spanish newspaper ABC that a boat from the Spanish Navy entered Gibraltar waters, and being warned by a Royal Navy vessel that it couldn’t be there, and the Spanish vessel then left.

The Spanish boat was named ‘Vencedora’ (The winner).

Spain continues to ignore the sovereignty of the 1713 Treaty of Utrecht which says the only waters ceded to the British are inside the Gibraltar Port.

It’s not frequent to see a Spanish Navy vessel going inside the Gibraltar three mile limit, although there are frequent incursions by the Guardia Civil, who say that they are there to protect the fishermen who work in the zone.