Sunday, 24 March 2013

Incomes in Spain down to levels last seen 10 years ago.....

Incomes at the levels of 10 years ago, skyrocketing inequality and more and more people leaving the country.
The latest figures reflect the devastating effect that the economic crisis and austerity cutbacks are having on Spanish society.

 The purchasing power of the average Spaniard stood at 18,500 euros in 2012, below the 2002 level, according to a study commissioned by Catholic Church-run charity C├íritas.

Compiled by the Foessa Foundation from official records, the Desigualdad y Derechos Sociales. Análisis y Perspectivas 2013 (Inequality and Social Rights.
Analysis and Perspectives 2013) report attributes the fall in the amount of money available to families to the combined effect of lower incomes (down four percent) and increased prices (up 10 percent).
 "Living standards are declining very quickly," says Carlos Susias of the Network Against Poverty and Social Exclusion Spain, adding that the developments of the last few years are a "real atrocity."

What's more, the decline is not affecting everyone equally. Since 2007 the difference between the richest 20 percent and the poorest 20 percent has risen by 30 percent.
As a result, it is no surprise to learn so many are opting to leave the country.

In 2012 the number of people with Spanish nationality resident abroad increased by 6.3 percent on the previous year to reach 1.9 million, according to National Statistics Institute figures.
It is a similar rise to that seen in previous years, though below the huge 8.2-percent jump of 2010.

The data does not just correspond to Spaniards, but also foreign citizens with double nationality, including returning economic immigrants. Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, France and the US are the top destinations.