Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Cruces de Mayo 2013 Motril......


 From 3 to 5 May will take place in the city this traditional celebration, which will feature a varied program of activities that combines music and entertainment for all ages.

The Deputy Mayor of the City of Motril Holidays, Alfredo Ortega Tovar, accompanied by Manuel Ballesteros, Security council, presented the festival program of Crosses, to be held in our city of 3 to 5 May.

Ortega Tovar noted that a total of 64 crossings filled with colorful different Motril spaces, including participation by categories of twenty crosses in streets, squares and places, five schools, 5 windows, 23 crosses itinerant and 11 located in the Senior Center.
Also, Tovar Ortega stressed that the official opening of this celebration will be on May 3, Day of the Cross, at 12:00 pm in the Plaza of Spain, place where Cross will also be located city.
The enrollment period to participate in the contest Cruces remain open until this Thursday, May 2, and will award prizes worth 2,100 euros. The first three winners in the categories of streets, squares and places will get a compensation of 500, 300 and 100 euros respectively, while the other categories will be awarded with 200 and 100 euros for the first and second place and a certificate for the third position.
Also on Friday, starting at 13:00 am will be traveling Cruces parade and musical performances will be held, who will come from the hand of the formation flamenco 'To the beat of the Way', at six in the afternoon and the 19 : 00 hours with the Dance Academy of Sorrows.
On Saturday, the square of Spain will be a hive of activity and good atmosphere from 14:00 hours with the spectacle of the dance academy and acting Irene Molina at 18:00 rociero choir 'Al Compass Way '. At seven o'clock in the afternoon there will be the awards ceremony of the Crosses of May 2013 and will close the day at 19:30 am the group 'Aires rocieros'.
The last day will star Cruces small house and be entertained by fairground in the La Matraquilla, which will have special discounts.
On the other hand Ballesteros has indicated that to ensure the smooth development of the traditional May holidays, the municipal side mild and severe sanctions set worth 300 euros to 24,000 euros for those who consume beverages outside the designated areas, and beverage dispensing unauthorized littering the streets, public nuisance or harm the furniture.
It also will launch a safety device for a total of 11-22 agents that permanently ensure the normal development of these crosses and whose work will intensify in the algid hours of increased presence of people. Firefighters also be prevented in the park with their equipment and the specific level of the crosses installed and shortcuts to each of them, like the Civil Protection Service, which position will rotate depending on the locations to concentrate more people.
The mayors of Safety & Parties have appealed to citizenship for maximum enjoyment of these festivities in healthy living, while Motril and have invited visitors to intensely live this traditional celebration in the company of family and friends.

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