Monday, 17 June 2013

The Spanish Cabinet will deliver 20.1 million euros to the works of the A7 between Polopos and Albuñol........

The Council of Ministers has authorized the Ministry of Development to allocate EUR 20,141,171.76 more work on section of the A-7, Polopos-Albuñol, located in the province of Granada.

Among the actions planned include additional stabilization of slopes and embankments in some clearing of the main work, remedial measures in the tunnel of the Ramoncillos and improvement and restoration of roads.

The Cabinet has also approved an agreement that authorizes a new modified project, which involves a reduction of the contract budget of 95 072, 84 euros, and a modification of the approved amount in financial compensation, which decreases at 898,418.40 euros.

The modified also includes as a requirement of the Law on Public Procurement, updating the VAT of 18 percent to 21 percent, representing an increase of 4.6 million, and the additional budget review prices, the estimated value amounts to 29.2 million euros. It is anticipated, thus paying the price update before the end of this work, which governs the so-called 'German method'.