Sunday, 15 January 2012

Just another day.......

 Villa Tranquila received some interest a few days ago from a French couple who thought they might like to overwinter there, next winter.  Nothing unusual about that as parts of France can be particularly cold and unpleasant during the winter and we find that a lot of French inhabitants like to get away to our sunny warm climate.
After sending the usual reply we received an email back saying that as they were staying, this winter, in the area at Almuñecar, they would like to have a look at the house.  Nothing unusual about that either, so we wrote explaining that Sunday morning would be a good time to view as we had a changeover and new people would be arriving in the afternoon and the next viewing opportunity wouldn't be until February 3rd.  

That was when things began to not make much sense.  The letter we got back said     “THANK YOU FOR YOUR FAST ANSWER,
Writing back, assuming that they had really meant AM and not PM and enclosing the directions we said   "not tomorrow, Sunday at 11?   I am enclosing the directions.   You can phone us on 699158769 if you need to.    Hasta Sunday,”

Back came the reply   " It is sunday at 11pm  is that good for you?   best regards...."

  Thinking can they possibly view the Villa at that time of night?, wondering if they were working in Almuñecar and couldn't get away, were they responsible people?, would the rent be paid?, was it a scam and I had given them directions and maybe they were trying to find out when the villa would be empty so they could break in?  Help?   

  I replied saying...       "Oh dear, no I am sorry,  11 pm  is far too late. We have people arriving at the villa on Sunday afternoon and they will be staying until Sunday morning February 3rd.    If it is possible for you to come another morning next week, I will arrange it with the people that will be staying at the villa.   Best regards,........"

Saturday morning came the reply....    " a another week is verry difficult for me , but i can to go earlier on the morning at  7,8 or 9 pm  is good for you? I could wait for you in front of the church   Regards"

 By this time, worry along with serious frustration had set in and it was a matter of simply couldn't care less if I never heard from them ever again, but not wanting to appear churlish I wrote,  for the last time I thought,
 "We will be at the Villa tomorrow morning at 10.30 am. We can meet you at the bus stop outside the village, not at the church.  We do not go into the village, the house is up the hill by the cemetery.  There are people staying in the house until 10.30 am and we cannot disturb them before that.  Regards,"

To our utter amazement came the reply.........
“C OK  I believe that I had made a mistake by answering I had put PM instead of AM excuses but I do not well speak English and I translate with REVERSO
has tomorrow”

Saturday morning....... 
The German couple staying at the villa overslept so when we arrived just before 10.30 to begin the clean up,  we found the place a complete mess and them lounging outside drinking coffee.    We are not in a hurry they casually told us.
Well, I am sorry but we have some people coming to look at the house at 10.30 I said by which time the Germans should have been well on their way down the hill.
Sure enough, on time, arrived an extremely pleasant, French couple and all was chaos for the next 20 minutes or so.                                                                 
 Later, as we were saying our goodbyes to the German couple, the male suddenly asked ‘himself’ did he wear shirts.   ‘Himself’ did look rather scruffy at the time which was excusable seeing as he was in working gear but naturally said that yes he did wear shirts. The German said well, we have found a good bargain of Burberry shirts very cheap in Motril, I will give you the name of the shop, they are only 49.50 euros each and cost far more at home, I have bought 4 and proceeded to rush back into the villa.   No, no don’t worry I shouted after him, It’s OK and as he came back the words came out of my mouth   “That is half a week’s rent for us”  and as an afterthought,  “anyway he (himself) would only get paint all over them.”   The German, unsurprisingly, was a little embarrassed and we laughed it off but, he had only paid 100 euros rent for the week!

The French couple stayed for about hour asking questions and trying out the armchairs and finally deciding that yes, they would like to stay next winter if the Internet could be arranged  after which we said ‘hasta luego’ and got on with putting the house back to rights for our next visitors who were due in at Malaga airport from Norway at 11.30 am. 

Much later in the day, hours later than expected, came the phone call.   
“Where exactly are you?    The costa tropical she said.  Are you on the N340? 
We are on a roundabout.   What can you see?    Can you see any shops? Shops?, No, no shops. We have been to Motril.  Shall we go to Almeria?
Stay there,  I said, finally giving up. Stay where you are, my husband will come to find you,  but not actually at the time being able to guess where they were.
He did find them,  after trying all the usual roundabouts, down on the Port road. 
The map that we send out clearly says  “  Do NOT turn off at the Port sign”  but, did they bring the map with them?  No, of course they didn’t need the map, they had a Sat Nav.

When they arrived at the villa  they said to ‘himself’ that there must have been new roads recently built as the Sat Nav couldn’t find the way.   No new roads said ‘himself’.   They then said that the Sat Nav was an old one perhaps not even realising that Sat Navs need updating now and again.    They were in their 70’s, poor things, and clearly exhausted. 
 Not that updating the Sat Nav would have made any difference here.    
Why do so many visitors think we go to the trouble of providing them with maps if they don’t need them? 

We finally got our lunch about 6 o’clock.

Just another day!