Monday, 2 January 2012

Motril Port to Nador, Morocco.....

The Motril Port Authorities have made a ferry connection with Nador on the North African coast their 2012 objective. The complete success of the Melilla link is behind this new initiative.

To help bring this about, the port will be present in six international trade fairs during the coming year, the first being in Berlin and  called Fuitlogistics, which will be held in February. March will see the sea-cruise fair, Seatrade, which is held in Miami, USA. After that there is Logima in Casablanca, two more in Spain and then a second Seatrade one, which is held in Marseille.
According to the manager of Motril port, José Bermúdez, they have three objectives: solidify existing trade, develop the cruise sector and explore further Moroccan ties.

 Motril has come a long way since its first line container traffic with central and northern Europe, which was followed by the ferry connection with Melilla and now a new company has decided to put down roots in Motril Port.
Good news for Motril Port is good news, not only for the port and the town, but for the area as a whole.