Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Eulogio, The Antipode of the Banks.....

In these times,  when we hear of banks in Spain, some even after being bailed out with taxpayers’ money,  evicting families from their homes, driving some to suicide, it is reassuring to read about the case of Eulogio Carmona.

This 64-year-old man and his wife live in Barcelona but come from Motril.
He’s retired and well off with several properties, one of which is in Vera, Almería, which he uses about ten days a year.
Well, Eulogio was moved by the news of people committing suicide as the bailiffs came to evict them from their homes, so much so, that he decided to do something about it.

He announced on his twitter account that he wanted to lend his holiday apartment in Vera to a family facing eviction… Eulogio only had 90 followers, but one them was a lawyer with over 20,000, which is how his act of generosity became known.

The conditions that he set was for the family to stay there a minimum of two years. He would pay the IBI (local council taxes) and the lucky family would only have to pay their own water and electricity bills.

Eulogio just wanted to give a struggling family a breather; two years in which to look for work, send their kids to school; two years to sort themselves out… and all completely free.

Whoever ends up with this generous offer will be met, by Eulogio and his wife in Vera, and will be handed the keys by him.

Merry Christmas, Euolgio.