Saturday, 26 January 2013

Surfers Welcome Gales.....

The South-Easterly gales which have been blowing trees down all over the place, has been a golden chance for surfers to get their boards out in La Herradura Bay, a twenty minute or so drive to the west of Motril on the Costa Tropical.

Around  20 surfers from down Málaga way, gathered at the mouth of Río Jate, near Peña Parda and were soon out amongst the surf.
The windier the better and who cares if the water’s cold, if you have the right equipment in the form of a neoprene wetsuit.   But cold it has been, thanks to the snowfall on the Almijarra mountain range behind the village.

La Herradura is a choice spot for surfers thanks to the bay and attracts people from outside the province, as well as our inland towns.