Monday, 7 January 2013

What’s Going On with the A7?

A socialist MP has had some harsh words for the Government’s decision to re-evaluate the price tag for two stretches of motorway: the A7 between La Herradura and the A44 between Izbor and Velez de Benaudalla.

This re-evaluation has led the Central Government to pay an extra 60m euros to the construction companies, even though the work was completed in both cases over three years ago.

An extra 25.8m euros was awarded to the construction company that built the said part of the A44, which was finished in May 2009 and a further 33.9m for the said part of the A7, which was completed in July 2009.

The socialist MP, Juan Manuel Fernández, pointed out that the quality of work on the A7 between La Herradura and Taramay lead to the bridge disaster,  yet the conservative government has seen fit awarded them extra funds,  above what was originally agreed.

Sr. Fernández finds this decision hard to swallow whilst the pending parts of the A7 languish through a lack of funds....

“I don’t know if it is absolutely legal for them to approve a revision of prices three and a half years after the sections were opened to traffic,” he said, adding, “No decent-minded citizen can understand these price revisions, much less in these times of crisis, and even less so over three years after being opened.”

He also mentioned with pointed irony that it only took the Government four days (with a weekend in the middle) to approve the revisions.

“It seems immoral to me that the PP consigns 46.4m euros of the state budget to pay for these revisions yet for the the continued work [on the A7] and creating employment, they only allow 27.1m for the A7,” complained Sr. Fernández.

Editorial Comment:
 In the meantime,  the time when drivers can drive from one side of the Costa Tropical to the other on the A7 is fast receding into the future.