Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Container traffic at Motril Port up by 46% in 2012......

Container traffic at the port of Motril for domestic transport or export in 2012 experienced growth of more than 46 per cent over the previous year.
This increase is mainly based on the sound performance of having regular shipping lines bound for central and northern Europe, which has led to the passing of the 4404 TEU (unit of measurement of capacity container shipping) year 2011 to 6455 of 2012.

This growth has meant the port of Motril far exceeded the increase experienced by the State Ports across the board, which was a 3.12 percent.

According to data from State Ports, this is an increase of 46.57 per cent for Motril Port.

The good's movement went from 34,976 to 55,636 tons, which represents an increase of 59.07 percent.