Saturday, 23 February 2013

La Charca de Suárez to almost double in size.......

 La Charca de Suárez, a very important 'wetland' in Motril on the Costa Tropical, currently covers an area of 150,000 square metres.

This is expected to be increased by another 100,000 square metres of land lying to the west of La Charca.

Councillor, José Luis Chica  of  Land management and Sustainability, for Motril  has appeared before the media to report on the extension of land that is pursued across the  Suárez pond.  He is quoted as having said that  "this will nearly double the size of the nature reserve and optimize the environmental conditions of the whole."

At present, various actions are being carried out to improve environmental conditions of this new area.

José Luis Chica stressed that the work of adaptation and improvement of the pond are running with municipal  resources and with the cooperation of the Environment Service, technicians from the Ministry of the delegation and staff Limdeco.
 "This effort is a clear example of the effectiveness of coordinated work when administrations  collaborate with each other to manage resources in difficult times."

Among the most significant points have already been developed to prepare the land for expansion by demolishing abandoned buildings adjacent and clean the area to remove exotic vegetation.

The new access to the pond will be from Pelaillo Road, where you can enter without glimpsed in the Culebra Balate additional lagoon to be built to facilitate the location and identification of all visitors space.

Also, the perimeter of the assembly shall be demarcated by visual screens behind which Cañaveras planted vegetable carvings to create a wall that allow animals are isolated from the noise and dwell in the best conditions.

This first phase of expansion also includes a new observatory and another placed on a promontory from which spot the flora and fauna around the wetland. In another vein, the waters are diverted Lizard Balate your entry to the pond to reduce the pollution of water bodies.

Environmental councilor has praised the work done by the Joint Commission of the Suárez Pond to set goals that imbue this space the reference value has acquired in recent years, while stressing its "avant-garde in the protection of environmental values ​​and biodiversity ".